What Is A Web Hosting Company?

You may have asked yourself: What is a web hosting company? This is a common question for newbies since most of what web hosts offer is invisible – you never really “see” it working.

However, just because web hosting isn’t visible to the average internet surfer, this doesn’t mean it’s not there. In fact, web hosts run the whole show. You might remember a website based on its domain name, but all the content on the site – the pictures, the text, and everything else – is delivered by a web hosting company. The domain name just shows your browser the way to the particular website’s host, sort of like a road sign.

So, put simply, a web hosting company is a business of some sort which stores a site’s data and serves it to the masses. Whenever an URL is typed into a browser, a web host delivers the data it stores directly to a browser – every website you view, you are mostly downloading it from a web host.

Not all web hosts are companies, though. A teenager could host a website on an old computer set up in his garage if he wanted to – a web hosting company is a legitimate operation with many servers storing and serving millions of web pages every day. They are often in warehouses where the servers storing all the important data can be monitored, temperature controlled and protected from attacks from hackers and computer viruses.

When you decide to run a website, you need to go to a web hosting company to buy a “plan” or “package” which will allow you so much space to store your website data, and so much bandwidth or traffic, which is how many thousands or millions of time your data can be viewed by your visitors. What type of package you buy from a web hosting company depends on the type of website you will be hosting. Perhaps your site is media-heavy, with lots of videos and pictures. Maybe you have nothing but text articles, but you have millions of visitors and need a server capable of handling so much traffic.

These are just a few of the concerns which make having a web hosting company on your side worth it because they are run by professionals who will not only protect your website but will show you the right type of plan for your needs. Check out this site that gives reviews and comparison about different hosting companies. 

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