Underwear Companies & Social Media

Millennials. The generation whose life is completely integrated into the tech world which makes it pretty easy for online companies to convince them to buy all kind of stuff like underwear. We have become a generation that is obsessed with getting the “approval” of others in every aspect of our lives and the underwear industry wasn’t left behind. The likes and comments help us make the decision and that is a fact. The Deloitte report has found that 47% of millennials say their purchase decisions are influenced by social media. We also like seeing young and attractive models in underwear.

It makes us feel that if we wear that underwear we could look just like them which, at first thought is crazy, but if you think about it, most of the time it gives us the confidence we need. We see ourselves in those young models, which makes it pretty easy for those online companies to trick us into buying lots and lots of high priced underwear. It has become a trend to buy overpriced stuff just because they are posted on social media and they have lots of likes and comments. Even though nobody sees us wearing it, we buy underwear for such a high price just because we see it online and it looks good. We have forgotten that cheap underwear sometimes has the same quality. The only difference is that it isn’t on social media and we cannot look for other people’s comments to see if it is good or not or to get others approval.

It is true that those companies cannot force customers to join social media but they can control what the shoppers find. This is a win for the company but it is not a win for the shopper because he or she is left with a considerably lower amount of cash in their bank account and most of the time they will ask themselves why they had to buy that.

To get what I am saying just look for those companies on social media. I only looked for 30 seconds on MeUndies’ Instagram account and I already want to buy a few of their underwear because it looks so good on those models, even though I have no idea what the quality or the price is.

The companies aren’t at fault in this case because they do what everyone else would do in their place: trying to sell their stuff. It is, however, society’s fault that we seek validation in everything that we do. This is how we were molded and even though sometimes this kind of thinking helps us, most of the time it makes us weak. So, the next time you want to buy underwear don’t just be fascinated by how it looks on social media and try to also think about your budget because, let’s be serious, is it really worth it?

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